Six Sigma for Paralegals

The objective of the Six Sigma for Paralegals program is to improve paralegal efficiency. When an employer is making a hiring or promotion decision there are a variety of factors that are taken into consideration in order to determine a prospective candidate’s ability to meet the requirements of the job.  Since no employer has a crystal ball there is no real way to determine how an individual will perform over the long term within a specific organization or job.  In order to minimize the risk associated with hiring and promotion decisions human resource professionals and hiring managers use a variety of different methods.  Even with these methods there is still the potential for a mismatch between the candidate and their job expectations.  This is where Six Sigma for Paralegals training and certification can be extremely useful.  The program provides paralegals and other program participants with a verifiable certificate that demonstrates mastery of quality improvement knowledge and understanding of Six Sigma’s application to pertinent legal processes like legal technology, legal research, ethical client communication, case management, and legal billing.  The added benefit of this program is that the certification provides law firms with documentation of legal process efficiency, which will provide legal malpractice insurance providers with proof of risk reduction practices.

What is Six Sigma for Paralegals?

This is the first and only Six Sigma training program designed specifically for paralegals.  The program is at the core of Paralegal Rainmakers philosophy of ensuring that paralegals are utilized to their fullest capabilities to ensure the successful delivery of legal services.  Due to Six Sigma’s process improvement, quality assurance, and project management aspects it is extremely beneficial for paralegals to learn how to apply the methodology to their careers and job functions.  In this training and certification program paralegals will learn about the Six Sigma methodology and how to apply it to improve productivity and efficiency.  Visit to learn more about this dynamic new program for current and prospective paralegals.

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