Have you ever been presented with an opportunity that you felt like you were not prepared to take?  A career opportunity, an educational opportunity, or a leadership position in an association.  Whether it is due to self sabotaging feelings of not measuring up, or the lack of the necessary skills and credentials this year you can ensure that when opportunity knocks again you are prepared to answer.  If you have read any of my musings on the uselessness of New Year’s resolutions you’ve probably got an inkling of why I believe there just a waste of paper.  In order for real resolutions to come to fruition they must be coupled with determination, dedication, and perseverance.

You might be asking what does New Year’s have to do with career opportunities.  A lot. New Year’s resolutions are often the goals that we have a strong desire to achieve, but as time goes on they fade into the background.  If properly cultivated these New Year’s resolutions will typically be the preparation for an opportunity that falls in line with a personal or career aspiration.  For example, the New Year’s resolution to lose weight typically falls in line with wanting to fit into certain clothes, a wedding dress, or to reduce the likelihood of certain illnesses.  Completing a degree will be the preparation needed for a promotion or a new job.  So revisit your New Year’s resolutions today and ensure that when opportunity comes knocking you are prepared to answer the door.job offer