The inability to multi-task and prioritize various functions and job responsibilities can effect a paralegal’s job and can also cause an immense amount of stress.  As a paralegal you are often tasked with handling a variety of functions and you may also work with more than one attorney which makes prioritizing competing obligations difficult.  In order to be effective and eliminate time wasters it is important not only to prioritize tasks but to prioritize your work day.  Because there are different dynamics that make up a paralegal’s job it is difficult to provide a one size fits all approach to prioritizing functions, but following are some simple tips on how to prioritize typical paralegal job functions:

  1. Complete the tasks with deadlines approaching first
  2. When working on projects with competing deadlines complete the simplest project first
  3. Perform tasks that impact another function or another person’s ability to complete a task
  4. Create a research plan before starting any legal research projects
  5. When putting case information in a database input the most important information in first (case name, case number, parties involved, jurisdiction, and so on).

Being able to effectively multi-task is the hallmark of a successful paralegal.  Without developing this ability it will be almost impossible to meet the demands involved in a typical paralegal work day.  So start busting your stress today by prioritizing functions and your work day.