ImageThe U.S. once set legal precedent in the international community, but studies have shown that this practice is continuing to decline as well as the U.S.’s standing in the international community.  As the death penalty becomes an international no-no will the U.S. become an international pariah and cause it to lose popularity in the international community?    The U.S.’s death penalty practices have once again placed the U.S. in the international spotlight as a member nation that likes to beat to its own drum even when it disrupts the harmonic flow of the international ensemble.  Prior to the botched execution in Oklahoma the U.S. has been criticized for is discriminatory application of the death penalty against people of color and for its high incidence of sentencing children to death.

The United Kingdom passed the Murder(Abolition of Death Penalty) Act in 1965 which abolished the death penalty in certain cases and completely abolished it in 1998.  Is the U.S.’s insistence of continuing on with this archaic practice even though it fuels the flame of the belief that the U.S. is haughty and goes against international laws and standards, a way for it to express its independence from its father nation 230 plus years after its war for independence?  Its like a child that was abused by his parents who goes through the process of legal emancipation to then start beating up its brothers and sisters in order to showcase its independence and demonstrate the inability of its once legal parents to tell it what to do and not to do.  We get it.  The United States is all grown up.

PO-Legal=politically motivated legal actions.