There have been numerous studies conducted on the benefit of taking power naps.  Many companies actually provide designated areas for their employees to take naps while at work.  Nike and Google are just a couple of them.  I’m sure if you’ve never heard of a power nap and you stopped by one of these power napping happy companies you would think you just walked into an adult nursery school. Before briefly describing the major benefits of power naps and why I’m such a huge advocate of taking them let me provide a description of exactly what they are. The following excerpt from LifeHacker provides a great description of what exactly a power nap is and also touches on its benefitsThink of it as an investment with the greatest return in the least amount of time, a kind of super-efficient sleep that fits nicely in a high-pressure schedule: say, between business meetings or in the minutes before a game.”

Now that you know about the basics of a power nap consider including one or all of the following types of naps described by the National Sleep Foundation into your stress busting arsenal:

Planned napping-This nap is taken to ward off sleepiness or in preparation for going to sleep later than usual.

Emergency napping-Taken when you are extremely tired and can not continue on with what you are working on.  If you are driving a long distance for business or working late consider taking an emergency nap before starting on your trek home.

Habitual napping– This type of nap is taken at the same time every day.  You can plan these during your rest or lunch breaks to recharge before continuing on with your day.  After pulling all nighters to study and then working 40 plus hours a week this was a lifesaver while I worked on my education.  If you are a new parent this can also be extremely helpful after staying up all night with the cuddly, adorable, soft, baby lotion smelling, gurgling bundle of joy (Ok I got a little carried away but you get the point).Not sure where to start consider these tips provided by Harvard Medical School:
  1. Keep it short (Some studies say that a nap as short as 10 minutes has benefits)
  2. Find a dark, quiet, and cool place (I used to take them in my car or close the door to my office and snooze away)
  3. Plan it
  4. Time your caffeine with your nap
  5. Don’t feel guilty.  (A quick nap will improve your productivity).

Start busting your stress today!  Your health and well being depends on it.