Paralegal Rainmakers

April 21, 2014

Paralegals?  What’s the Point?

There is often a debate about the benefit that a paralegal can bring to an organization with the paralegal often being compared to a legal secretary or a wannabe attorney.  Both of these misconceptions fail to understand the training and expertise that is unique to the paralegal role.  These misconceptions can easily be eradicated with a quick stroll down memory lane.  When the paralegal profession was created during the 1960’s it was created for one purpose and one purpose only.  To enable the equitable access to justice for individuals in all economic levels.  Oftentimes attorneys that are insecure within their profession and secretaries that have no clue about the billable value of a paralegal attempt to engage in useless conversations in order to create competition within the industry.  These musings are misguided as a paralegal’s training is geared toward developing individuals that have a grasp on legal concepts and theories while pragmatizing the intentions of those that developed the career over 50 years ago.

The development of the paralegal role has rapidly expanded since its creation and according to the Bureau of Labor statistics is expected to grow by 17% during 2012-2022.  Because of the addition of more individuals to the paralegal ranks the field will become more competitive for those within it, and will require individuals to demonstrate their value to employers in very real and tangible ways.  This value most often will relate to increased productivity and can be accomplished using a variety of methods, but the key is that it be done in a way that demonstrates the value for the organization or client.

The Six Sigma for Paralegals program is an excellent option to demonstrate paralegal value.  The program provides real world training on how to handle legal processes using the Six Sigma method.  This method has a variety of benefits including its ability to improve quality, remove process efficiency bottlenecks, and determine effective methods for completing legal processes.  If you are interested in registering for the entire program and obtaining a one of a kind paralegal training.

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