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ImageThe traditional view of rainmaking in the legal field places a great deal of importance on a lawyer who possesses sales and marketing prowess.  Although, these are a necessity within a legal practice there is a key element missing from this approach to rainmaking.  Client Relations.  The client relations aspect is integral to rainmaking.  Including client relations into how firms approach rainmaking ensures that justice is not sacrificed on the altar of monetary gain.  If this element is not kept into perspective profits will be earned at the expense of maintaining positive relations with clients.  Excluding client relations from rainmaking also lends itself to an assembly line approach to the delivery of legal services.  Although, a legal professional may be well versed in a particular practice area every case will be different because of the dynamics of individual cases.  Understanding these idiosyncrasies requires more than selling and marketing techniques.  It requires a focused effort to acquire justice for a client.  Justice is not a hit or miss byproduct of applying legal practices and principles, but an impartial destination that can be reached in every legal dilemma.

When paralegals are included in rainmaking it allows for rainmaking to evolve into a holistic approach to business success and not one that is overly concerned with profits.  A legal practice is a business and must earn profits, but when profits are the goal the erosion of justice and client relations and is inevitable.  In order, for paralegals to become rainmakers the legal community must fully embrace paralegals and understand how to utilize them effectively.

Written by Lakisha Bealer