Podcast Transcript Stephanie Francis Ward: If you’re in trial or closing a deal, you might think you’re too busy to exercise–but have you thought about squeezing in 10-minute workouts a few times a day? Sharon McDowell-Larsen: When someone says \’I never have time\’ the question is always, never? I say even if you have ten minutes, ten minutes is better than nothing. Stephanie Francis Ward: I’m Stephanie Francis Ward, and when we return, I’ll ask my guests how it works. Announcer: This ABA Journal podcast is brought to you by WestlawNext, the legal platform chosen by over 40,000 legal organizations for the tradition of editorial excellence combined with the most advanced technology. Learn more at WestlawNext.com. Stephanie Francis Ward: I’m here with two Olympic-level exercise physiologists who coach executives on health and fitness. Sharon McDowell-Larsen was a researcher with the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Sports Science Division, and James Herrera coached…

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