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With a new school year come the pressure and stress of balancing the responsibilities of being a parent of a student or the responsibilities of being a student.  Although, certain things can not be planned for in advance like taking Astro Physical Metamorphosis of the Universal Galatial Perplexities of Mars because it was the only class that fit in the time slot you needed and met your science requirement, other things can be planned for in advance.

Following are just a few:

1) Complete all necessary school paperwork early

2) Swap pick up and drop off times with other parents or students

3) Save money by packing lunches and snacks

4) Plan study time in advance and stick to it

5) Be Yourself

Starting a new school year especially when transitioning to high school or college can be intimidating because of the natural tendency to want to fit in.  By being yourself you allow others to like the real you.  If they don’t that’s not your issue.

Happy Back to Schooling!