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ImageAccording to a recent article in Paralegal Today titled “The Attorney-Paralegal:  New Job Competition from Lawyers Impacts the Paralegal Profession” those looking for paralegal jobs are no longer competing with other paralegals but now must compete with attorneys.   If this is the new trend, gone are the days where paralegals can tout their extensive experience in an area of law or their exemplary researching capabilities to land that new position or promotion.   Although, there are a number of reasons why trained attorney’s go the paralegal route the fact is that in today’s economic climate paralegal’s cannot afford to be lax in their career development.   The thought of competing with a trained attorney for a position may intimidate some paralegals, but others will look at it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge base.  These paralegals will discover ways to stay abreast of technological changes and discover effective ways to show current and prospective employers how they offer more than an Attorney-Paralegal.