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In a report that was presented at the 2006 ABA Techshow the following items were listed as the Top Ten Causes of Malpractice (Click here to read the full report):

  1. Missed Deadlines
  2. Lack of Professionalism
  3. Stress & Substance Abuse
  4. Conflicts of Interest
  5. Poor Client Relations
  6. Substantive Legal Errors
  7. Ineffective Client Screening
  8. A Malpractice Counterclaim in Response to a Suit for Fees
  9. Inadequate Documentation of Work
  10. Coming Technology Traps (metadata, delete is not delete, portable storage devices, stolen laptops)

Although, it is important to implement systems and practices to avoid all of the issues in this report one of the items may lead to several if not all of the other issues if not properly addressed.  Stress.   In addition, to the advice provided in the report following are three additional tools that have been proven to be extremely effective with reducing stress:


Stress reduction technology and tools by Hearthmath

Heartmath’s mission is to improve health, performance and well-being at home and in the workplace.  The enwave is a device that has been proven to reduce stress levels and regulate the heart rate.

Visit www.heartmath.com for more information.

Sublingual B-12 vitamin created by Trivita

Trivita provides information and products to improve overall wellness.

The sublingual B-12 vitamin is very effective in reducing stress and improving energy levels.

Visit  www.trivita.com for more information.

Massage Therapy

MassageEnvy’s mission is to provide a pathway to wellness through  professional convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services.  Massage Envy has convenient hours and locations across the U.S.

Visit www.massageenvy.com for more information.

Stress is an unavoidable part of most careers and life, but by implementing the proper practices and techniques its effects can be curbed before it leads to more serious issues.